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18 Şubat 2012

9.Sınıf İngilizce Yazılısı Çöz

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions(in/on/at)
1.  They are getting married ______ Friday _____ six
     o'clock _____ the evening.

2.  I’ve been invited to a wedding _____February.

3. Do you live____Japan?

4. The shop is____the end of the Street.

5. I live____the 7th floor____Oxford Street____London.

6. I don’t usually work____the weekend.

B. Fill in the blanks with the correct object pronouns and possesive adjectives
1. My sister Jane loves books. This novel is for______
2. My children like Disney films. The video is for _____
3. She lives in Australia now with _____family.
4. He always washes _____hands and face every morning.
5. He likes_____, but she doesn’t like_____.
6. He called______ yesterday, but we were busy with our work.
7. I sometimes tidy_____ room but my sister never tidies_____room.
8. I like reading short stories._____ finish in a short time.

C. Answer the following questions
1. What date is your birthday?
2. What do you think of paragliding?
3. Do you like staying at home?
4. What nationality are you?
5. When is your Geography lesson?

D. Ask questions using present simple tense and use (what, where,what time, who, why, how many and how often )

1. I come from France.

2. I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

3. Japanese girls and women wear Kimonos.
4. Engin has got a terrible headache.
5.My parents go  to  market once a week.
6. I’m late for work because I couldn’t get up early.
7.  I have three brohers.

E. What time is it?

F. Fill in the blanks with some/ any
1. I have got____homework.
2. Have you got___money
3. He hasn’t got____aspirins.
4. Is there____petrol in the car?
5. I have got____ new books

G. Rewrite the sentences with and and but.
1. The oranges are fresh. They are sweet
2. He can’t read in English. He can’t  read in Turkish
3.There are flowers in the garden. There aren’t flowers in the vase.
4.He can play the guitar. He can play the violin.
5. He can swim. He can not dive.

H. Match the words with their synonyms

a. difficult                 1. a big house
b. awful                    2. comic
c. mansion               3. clever
d.brilliant                  4. bad
e. funny                   5. dangerous
f.horror                    6. exciting
g.intelligent             7. frightening scenes
h. risky                    8. enjoyment
i) fun                       9. great
j.thrilling               10. Hard

I. Put the words into correct order.
1. go/can/I hiking.
2. enjoys/she/ice cream/ eating.
3. fond/are/they/of/knitting.
4. crazy/is/ about/she/ bungee jumping.
5. get/we/up/half/ seven/past/ at.
6. two/got/brothers/she/has
J. Correct the mistakes.
1. I don’t  have some sisters and brothers
2. She don’t climb the mountains.
3.They comes to school by the minibus
4. Elif doesn’t never cook meals to us in home.

5. Judy’s birthday is in 3rd March.

K. Write a paragraph about how you spend your leisure time.

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