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9 Şubat 2012

7.Sınıf İngilizce Yazılısı Çöz


NAME & SURNAME:                                 NUMBER:                           CLASS:
poet      -legend     -space     -scientist      -composer      -blind      -tale
A-Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. Two words are extra (5x3=15p)

1.      Keloğlan, Cindrella and Gulliver’s Travels are ___________.
2. People called Ruşen Ali “Köroğlu” because his father was a ___________ man.
      3. Mehmet Akif Ersoy was a famous Turkish ___________.
      4.  I went to a ___________ Museum and saw strange cars, different clothes and machines.
      5. Beethoven wrote music. He was a German ___________.
B-Fill in the blanks with the past forms of the verbs.(5x2=10p)
  1. My father ___________  his car last week.(repair)
  2. He__________________his  bike yesterday. (not/ride)
  3. ___________  she ___________ to the dentist last week ? (go)
  4. I ___________ guitar yesterday (play)
  5. He  was tired because he___________ car (drive)
C. Read the text and write TRUE(T) or FALSE(F) .(5x3=15p)
  Airplane: The Wright brothers were great inventors. They invented the   airplane in 1903. They called their airplane the 1903 Flyer. 
Television: John Logie Baird invented the television. He used a very small screen for the first television in 1926. People first watched the television his small laboratory in London.
Telephone:  Alexander Graham  Bell invented the telephone on March 10, 1876. That day, he first talked to his assistant, Thomas Watson, on the phone. Later in Philadelphia, he introduced the telephone to the world.

1.      Wright brothers invented the airplane in 1926.    ______
2.      Wright brothers airplane’s name was 1903 Flyer  _____
3.      People first watched the television in John Logie Baird’s laboratory in London. _____
4.      Alexander Graham Bell invented the first ship.       _____
5.      Graham Bell first talked his brother on the phone.  ____
D-Complete with ‘ yesterday, last, ago, in’(4x2=8p)

1. Many many years __________  there was a bad man in Bolu.
2. ___________ was very sunny so we went to picnic.
3. We were at the cinema _________ weekend.
4. I was born _________  1996.

  1.  I ______my arm yesterday
a)break             b)broken  
c)broke             d)breaks

2.It ___very hot today but it _____very cold yesterday. 
a) can/was      b) isn't/ isn't
c) is/was     d) was/didn't

3.A: ......... did you watch last night?
          B: I watched a documentry film.
a)      How               c) What
b)      Where            d) When

4.Mike wasn’t at school .......
a)tomorrow             b) once a week
c)last week              d) next week

5. I want ………………  a  kilo of tomatoes.
a) buy    b) buying     c) to buy     d) bought

6. Kerem: Where  __________ you  yesterday?
     Cansu:  I  __________ at school.
 a)are /was    b) were /was  
 c)are /am    d) was /were

8.Edison _____________ the light bulb.
a) invent              b) invented            
c) discover          d) discovered

10.Popeye ………eating spinach to hamburger.
      a)likes      b)wants 
      c)enjoys    d)prefers                                  

11.Tom&Jerry is a ………
a) news   b)cartoon  c) series  d) documentary

12.Ali and Ayşe …… 6-C last year but they ….. 7-C this year.

a) was  / were   b) were / are  
c) is / are          d) were / is

 13.Deniz didn’t ............ television last night. he................. his exam.

a) watched / studied     b)watch / study  
c)watch / studied          d) watched / study

14. A: ………………was Atatürk born?
       B: He was born in 1881 .     

        A) Where              C) When   
        B) Who                  D) Why

15.Pablo Picasso was an ………………………. .
  A) scientist            B) artist
  C) composer           D) nurse

16.What was the date yesterday?   
         A) It’s Thursday.      
         B) It was Thursday.         
         C) It’s Friday.         
         D) It was  Friday

E. Choose the past form of the verbs.(2x2=4p)

1.      buy
a. buyed    b. buying  c. bought   d. brought

2.      say
a. says  b.said    c. seid   d sought

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