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29 Ocak 2012

6.Sınıf İngilizce Yazılısı Çöz

1)A man from Paris _________speak French.
a)is                       b)isn’t                     c)can                       d)can’t

2)We  _________got any trees in our garden.
a)aren’t                   b)can’t                    c)has’t                   d)haven’t

3) 17:15   _ What’s the time?
            _ ________________
a)It’s a quarter past seven                                  b)It’s a quarter past five
c)It’s a quarter to five                                        d)It’s half past seven

4)  _ ___________________?
     _ They are Mary’s.
a)  Where is the pullover?                                  b) Whose sweater is this?    
c)Whose shoes are these?                                 d)  Where are the books?   
5) M.Kemal Atatürk is Zübeyde Hanım and Ali Rıza Bey’s  _______
a) father                        b)daughter                 c)husband                    d)son

6)Jack _________got a motorbike. ______ motorbike is new.

a)has-his                     b)have-her                     c)has-its                       d)have-his

7)_Can you drive fast?                                  a)No,he can’t.- Because he’s too weak.
     _ ____________                                           b)No,I can’t. – Because it’s  too cheap.
     _ Why not?                                                   c)No,you can’t – Because it’s too high.
    _  __________________                               d)No,I can’t. –Because it’s too dangerous.

8)There _____  ______honey in the jar.
a)is  any                         b)isn’t any                     c)are any                        d)aren’t any

9)My grandfather can’t play football.Because he is too ___________.
a)young                           b)old                     c)new                    d) tall

10)The board is ________the door and the bookcase.
a)between                             b)behind                         c)under                       d)in

11) ________________________?
    - It’s Friday.
a)What’ the time?         B)What’s this?        c)What’s the day today?  d)When is Friday?

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