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10 Kasım 2012

7.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 1.Yazılı

                  1st TERM ,7th GRADE ,1st ENGLISH EXAM

NAME:                                                                                            DATE:

1-) If you ……………………..(not/do)your homework ,your teacher ……………..(be)angry.

a-) dont do / is                                     c-) won’t do /  is
b-) dont do / will be                             d-)  aren’t do / will be

2-) She tidies her room every day because she likes …………her room.  

a-) tidy                                                 c-) tidies
b-) tidying                                            d-) tidied
3-) I go to school ……… foot .

a-) by                                                     c-) on
b-) in                                                      d-) at

4-) _________________ you interested __________technology ?    

a-) Do / in                                             c-) Are / at
b-) Do / at                                             d-) Are / in
5-) She ___________________ watching football matches on tv .      

a-) hate                                                c-) bad at
b-) don’t like                                         d-) hates
6-)A: __________________ you enjoy playing  the  guitar ?
     B: Yes ,I do

a-) Do                                                  c-) Are
b-) Does                                              d-) Is

7-) If you don’t sleep well at night , you  ________________ tired .

a-)  will feel                                           c-) must feel
b-) are feeling                                       d-) should feel

Answer the questions ( 8 – 9 – 10 ) according to  horoscopes?
ARİES (March21-April19) :You will make new friends and spend good time but
you will have problems at work

Malvorlage  Löwe
LEO (July23-August22):You will fall in love with somebody and be happy.

LİBRA (September21-October23):You will travel a lot this week.

   GEMİNİ (May 22- June 21): You will have some problems withTaurus but he will understand you soon.                                                                                                                                          

8-)  Filiz :My star sign says I will make new friends but I will have problems at work.
      Aslı : I  see . You are a / an …………………………………… .

a-) Libra                                 b-) Leo                        c-) Aries                 d-)Gemini

9-)  Who will have some problems with a Taurus ?

a-) Libra                                b-) Leo                     c-)  Aries                  d-) Gemini

10-)  Which sun sign will travel a lot ?     

a-) Libra                                b-) Leo                      c-) Aries                   d-) Gemini

11-) Match the questions with the answers:

a-) How will she go  to school tomorrow ?               1-) Ceyda .

b-) Where will you have lunch today ?                      2-) I will stay at home .

c-) Who will carry these bags for me ?                      3-) Because , I am ill.

d-) Why will you drink hot chocalate ?                      4-) By bus.

e-) What will you do tonight ?                                     5-) At the restaurant .

12-) Yapılan tarife göre turistin nereyi sorduğunu bulmaya çalışın.

a-) Tourist  : Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the __________, please?
      Ayşe    : Go up this street. Then, turn left into Sakarya Street and go along Sakarya Street. It is on your left, opposite the lunchroom.
     Tourist  : Thanks a lot.
b-) Tourist   : Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the __________, please?
     Mustafa  : Go up this street. Then, turn right into Atatürk Street and go along Atatürk Street. It is on your left, next to the hospital.
     Tourist    : Thank you very much.
13-) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words in the box :
      Stingy -  Rude – Expensive – Sociable – Pessimistic

a-) She is  __________  because she never listens to her mother and she always shouts at her.

b-) I want to buy  a  handmade t-shirt as a souvenir  but it is really too _________________.

c-) Tom doesn’t like  spending  money   and hates buying things for a friend .He is very _____________.

d-) My friend is always negative .She is unhappy with her life and she suffers from depression .She is so _______________.

 e-) My sister likes meeting different people and  organizing  parties .She is very _________________.

14-) Make requests or ask permission using‘’Can / Could I …….or Could you / Can you …..?

a-) You are in a museum and you want to take  photographs.You ask :


b-) You are having dinner and there is no salt in your soup .You  ask:


15-) Match them to make meaningful sentences :

a-) If you itch your left hand ,                          - you should see Topkapı Palace  .

b-) If  you find a four leaf clover ,                    - you put on weight  .

c-) If you have a headache   ,                          - you  will spend Money .

d-) If you visit  İstanbul  ,                                 - it brings you good luck and happiness .
e-) If you eat too much  ,                                  - you should take an aspirin .

16-) Tom:_________________________?
       Emily : I am an Aries .

a-) Are you interested in astrology ?                         c-) What is your star sign ?
b-) What does your horoscope say today ?              d-) Do you believe in astrology ?

17-) John:________________do you ________to Los Angles ?
       Kate: _____________plane.

a-) What / go / on                                          c-) Who / go / in
b-) How / travel / by                                      d-) Which / travel / by

18-) İstanbul is a famous tourist _________in Türkiye .It is full of tourists in summer.

a-) country                                                    c-)attraction
b-) souvenir                                                  d-) Office

19-) Ali: Could  you answer the phone please ?
       Ayşe :______________because I am busy now.

a-) Sure                    b-) Certainly                 c-) No,I can’t         d-) Yes ,of course

20-) 1- If you go  to Çanakkale,                 a- you should see Safranbolu Houses
        2- If you go  to Trabzon,                    b- you should see Trojan Horse
        3- If you go  to Safranbolu,               c- you should see  the Sumela Monastery

a-) 1:c / 2: b/ 3:c                                             c-) 1: b / 2: c / 3 : a
b-) 1:a / 2: c / 3:b                                            d-) 1: b / 2 : a / 3 : c

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