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21 Şubat 2013



Name/Surname:              Class:         Number:         Point: 100 /
A. Read the dialogue and answer the questions. (5x2=10)
Tom: I think the waiter has forgotten us. We have been waiting here for over half an hour and nobody has taken 
          our order yet.
Mary: I think you're right. He has walked by us at least twenty times. He probably thinks we have already ordered.
Tom: Look at that couple over there, they have been here for only five or ten minutes and they have already had
          their food.
Mary: He must realize we haven’t ordered yet! We have been sitting here for over half an hour staring at him.
Tom: I don't know if he has even noticed us. He has been running from table to table taking orders and serving food.
Mary: That's true, and he hasn’t looked at us once.
(Vocabulary: waiter: garson, order: sipariş, couple: karı-koca/çift )

1. Where are Tom and Mary?___________________________________________________________________
2. How many times has the waiter walked by them? _________________________________________________
3. What has the waiter been doing? ______________________________________________________________
4. Has the waiter looked at them? ________________________________________________________________
5. How long have they been waiting for the waiter to take the order? ___________________________________

B. Choose the correct tense. (5x1=5)
1. Tim: How long have you known / have you been knowing Jack? Kate: For two years.
2. Ali: How many books has Orhan Pamuk written / has Orhan Pamuk been writing?   Ayşe: 8 books I guess.
3. Claire: You look exhausted. Rose: Well, I have cleaned / have been cleaning the windows since 8 o’clock this morning
4. Oh, no! There’s nothing to eat. My sister has been eating / has eaten everything I left in the kitchen.
5. I haven’t seen / haven’t been seeing you for ages.

C. Find the closest meaning. (5x1=5)
1. Melek has been doing her homework since she came home.
    a. Melek started doing her homework when she came home and she is still doing it.
    b. Melek started doing her homework when she came home but she isn’t doing it now.
2. Mr. Jacob has gone to Paris.
    a. Mr. Jacob has just come back from Paris.
    b. Mr. Jacob is in Paris now.
3. Erdem has been to Paris.
    a. Erdem went to Paris in the past but now he isn’t there.
    b. Erdem is in Paris at the moment.
4. Mert hasn’t gone to the cinema for two months.
    a. The last time Mert went to the cinema was two months ago.
    b. Mert didn’t go to the cinema two months ago.
5. Linda has been working as a secretary for 5 years.
    a. Linda isn’t working as a secretary now.
    b. Linda is still working as a secretary.

C. Rewrite the sentences with Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous.(4x2=8)

1. I started reading this book on Saturday. Today is Wednesday. (for)
2. The baby started sleeping at 3 o’clock. She is still sleeping.
3. My best friend went to Paris two weeks ago. He is still there.
4. I am writing the 5th page of my book. (so far)

D. Complete the sentences with Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous. (8x2=16)
1. I ____________________________(not / finish) doing my homework yet.
2. The telephone _______________________________(ring) for almost a minute. Why doesn’t someone answer it?
3. This is the first time I _______________ ever ________________(watch) this film.
4. I ____________ never __________(meet) a celebrity before.
5. Let’s have a rest. We _________________________________(work) for five hours.
6. He is bored. He ______________________________(study) since the morning.
7. Hello, Rob. I’m happy to see you again. I ___________________________ (not / see) you for weeks. What ___________ you ______________________(do) recently?

E. Complete the paragraph with the correct forms of the verbs given.(e.g. / go, to go, going) (10x1=10)
_____________ 1 (live) in a big city is always interesting to me. You can ____________ 2 (go) to the cinema or theatre. I don’t mind __________________ 3 (live) with noise. Most people can’t afford ____________ 4 (eat) out but that is no problem for me. My father is rich. People can’t stand _____________ 5 (wait) for buses but I have my own car so it isn’t problem for me, either. I refuse ____________ 6 (live) in a house. I prefer ____________ 7 (live) in apartment houses. You can go _____________ 8 (shop) and find everything in gross markets. Entertainment is another attraction in big cities. ______________ 9 (dance) is my hobby. I’d prefer ____________ 10 (dance) in big discos with a lot of people.

F. Use Gerund (Ving) or Infinitive (to V) forms of the verbs given. (10x2=20)

1. I am tired of _________________ (do) homework. I’ll have a rest.
2. I look forward to _______________(go) to Antalya for summer holiday.
3. The teacher told the students, ”Stop ____________________(make) noise please!”
4. You aren’t allowed _________________ (use) your mobile phone on the plane.
5. Student: May I learn my grade, Madam?
    Teacher: I regret _____________ (say) that you have failed the exam.
6. Mother: Don’t forget ________________ (lock) the door while you’re going out.    Son: OK, Mum.
7. I hate ___________________(get up) early.
8. I remember _________________ (go) to the cinema with my friends. It was really enjoyable.
9. Please remember _______________ (buy) the tickets for the cinema tonight.
10. Arda: It is nice __________________(meet) you.

G. Complete the sentences with “everywhere / anything / somewhere / something / everything / anyone /
someone / nothing / anywhere / nobody / everybody  / anybody “. (12x1=12)

1. I didn't do ___________________ yesterday. I stayed in bed all day.
2.Are you going ____________________ nice for your holiday this year?
3."Did you do anything last night?" - "No, ____________________."
4. "Does __________________ know the capital of Australia?"
5. "Can you help me please? I think I've got ________________ in my eye"
6. __________________ has stolen my car! Did you see _____________ around?
7. I looked ___________ but I couldn’t find my keys.
8. After the earthquake, there was ______________ at home. __________________ was outside.
9. He lives___________________ near the school.
10. After ÖSS, __________________ is going to be all right!

H. Put the words into the sentences. (7x2=14)
foreign affairs / self-esteem / celebrity / military / appearance / disgusting / religions

1. Türkan Şoray is one of the most famous actress in Turkiye, She is a ________________.
2. Smoking is a really _______________ habit.
3. If students participate in social activities, their _________________ will improve.
4. The people who don’t like their _________________want to look like their favourite celebrity.
5. Mevlana is the greatest philosopher who welcomed people from different _______________.
6. Turkish government is always ready to use ______________ forces against the terrorists.
7. Turkish Minister of __________________ is Ali Babacan.      

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